Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

Following the news that David 'Demolition Man' Khalsa has extended his contract with the promotion, BAMMA officially announce his battle with John Nicholls at BAMMA Fight Night London: McKee Vs. Brazier.

Fast becoming a fan favourite with his high velocity and aggressive fighting style, got the opportunity to sit down with the Demolition Man to discover what plans he has in place now he that he has once again committed his fighting future to BAMMA.

How does it feel to be extending your contract with BAMMA and why did you choose BAMMA over other promotions?

It feels great to be signing with BAMMA, they gave me some great opportunities last year, so it was the obvious choice to stay with them to progress my career.

You've already got your next bout lined up against John Nicholls. Any initial thoughts on how that will go down on the 28th June?

I think it's a great match up for me. I've fought two of his stablemates, so our teams know each other well which will definitely make it interesting. I'm really looking forward to it!

So far you have banked wins over the highly rated Cian Cowley and Charlie-Boy Howard, are there any other names out there in the Featherweight division you'd like to take on?

People know me, I don't pick or call out opponents. I fight whoever BAMMA put in front of me. I just want that title shot, so whoever and wherever, bring them on!

What's your usual training regime for a fight and how will it differ this time?

My usual training regime is 12 weeks, 4 sessions a day and 6 days a week. Starting steady and ramping it up week by week. However, because of the short time scale for this camp, we've hit the ground running and ramped things straight up! I've been able to do a lot of stuff in this camp which I haven't been able to do most of last year because of different injuries - it's all coming together nicely.

You've recently started additionally training with Trojan Fighters, how have they improved your fight game?

It's been great training with new people and also doing more BJJ which I'm really enjoying. I'm learning new skills from new people, as well as training with my team at RPMAA. I think it's definitely going to help my overall fight game.

Any prediction for your fight at York Hall and do you want to send a message to John Nicholls?

I'm hungier than ever, there's only one outcome of this fight and that's me getting my hand raised and performing a full Demolition Derby job on John Nicholls.

And before we left, some final words from the 'Demolition Man’ himself…...

Thanks BAMMA and to all my sponsors and the whole of 'Team Khalsa' #Let'sGo

David 'Demoilition Man' Khalsa Vs. John ‘No Mercy' Nicholls takes place at BAMMA Fight Night: McKee Vs. Brazier on Thursday 28th June at York Hall, London. Tickets are on sale now from ticketmaster and