Battle Of The Pretty Ones

Battle Of The Pretty Ones

In what is being dubbed the 'Battle of the Pretty Ones’, Mike 'Pretty Boy' Hales takes on the flamboyant US 'Pretty Boy' Anthony Taylor at BAMMA 36 on June 28th . The undefeated Hales makes his promotional debut,
whilst Taylor makes his return to BAMMA after his own successful debut last month in Dublin. Looking to build on his winning start, the outspoken American once more promises to dazzle with an unforgettable
entrance and a performance to match.

Meanwhile, Hales will be out to show BAMMA’s Featherweight division theskills that he brings to the table, whilst ensuring that victory goes to the UK.

The war of words has already begun as both fighters had something to say about their upcoming fight at York Hall on the 28th June...

"I don't know what kind of pretty he thinks he is, because it's definitely not his fighting style.  That's just plain ugly and I'm going to put an end to it on June 28th! " - Mike 'Pretty Boy' Hales

“I’m back! But what I hear is an imposter from England is acting as the Pretty Boy. I look at myself and it's like no way, I'm the real Pretty Boy. Mike Hales is going down and guess what, I'm stripping that
name from him with my own hands.  This is the BATTLE of the century and the first ever Pretty Boys face off, things are going to get wild