Abracadbra - 'Magic' Myles Price Returns

Abracadbra - 'Magic' Myles Price Returns

One of Ireland's most popular fighters is undoubtedly 'Magic' Myles Price. Having competed in the sport for 10 years, Price now returns from a break to active competition at the 3Arena for BAMMA 35: Lohore Vs. Pascu.

BAMMA.com got the chance to catch up with Price whilst he was making his final preparations for Saturday night's clash with Phil Raeburn at the 3Arena.

You're returning after a layoff so what have you been doing since we last saw you?

I've been focusing on building my gym here in Kilkenny under the Team Ryano banner, and learning how not to get injured as often and take it easier on the body so I can compete more often...hahaha

Phil Raeburn is an experienced fighter, so do you have a particular game plan in mind?

I have a few things to utilize and take advantage of if the opportunities arise, if not I'll just do my thang.

You previously had a back and forth with Rhys McKee online when you were originally scheduled to fight, but unfortunately it never happened. Rhys is now World Champion. Is this a fight you still want?

Of course I'd love that fight. Rhys is a tough opponent and facing him for the title or just in general would be awesome. We had our beef but it's the nature of the beast to have those disputes back and forth.

Who else in the division would you like to face? Who do you think would be a tough test?

I definitely want to always have a tough test every time I compete, regardless of lay offs. I make it my business to improve a lot in between fights, so testing those new tools with a high calibre opponent is what I love. A fight against Rhys ,Tim Barnett or a former UFC vet like Artem Lobov would be a great match up.

Tell us about your aspirations in the sport currently and how you see the Irish scene.

I think the Irish MMA scene has shot through the roof. I've been around a while and to see where it was compared to where it is now is unbelievable. The community of mixed martial arts is stronger then ever with the likes of Andy Ryan, John Kavanagh and of course Deano Wade and Joe Clifford, with safe MMA and IMMAF pushing regulations forward.

Just before Myles disappeared he had this parting comment.

"There's one thing I ALWAYS see and that's me performing on a new level every time I step into the cage. Regardless of the promotion or opponent I focus on me and what I want to do.  I want the tests and momentum will follow"

'Magic' Myles Price Vs. Phil Raeburn takes place on the UNILAD Prelims portion of the BAMMA 35: Lohore Vs. Pascu fight card. Tickets are available now from the 3Arena Box Office, ticketmaster.ie and bamma.com