BAMMA Superfan Interview - Nick Aldis

BAMMA Superfan Interview - Nick Aldis

In the first of a new series of exclusive interviews, we chat to various BAMMA ‘Superfans’. In this edition we crossed over with former TNA / Impact Wrestling World Champion and current NWA Wrestler Nick Aldis.

Aldis has long been associated with wresting. However, he first came to the attention of the British public as the the Gladiator Oblivion, on the UK revival of the show in 2008. He then returned to his wrestling roots as he joined TNA Impact wrestling, and moved up the ranks where he competed alongside the likes of Samoa joe and Sting. He eventually captured the World title. Currently working for Billy Corgan’s NWA (of Smashing Pumpkins fame) and splitting time between touring and time spent with his family (Aldis is married to current WWE wrestler Mickie James), Aldis took a short break to exclusively chat with

How long have you been a fan of MMA?

I remember seeing the first UFC on VHS; someone brought it to a house party I was at. I remember being entertained in a circus sideshow kind of way, but I really became a fan of the sport when Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell were on top. Then Matt Hughes was dominating until GSP came along and I was (and still am) a huge GSP fan.

Do you have any particular favourite BAMMA fighters?

Right now it has to be the fast rising Fabian ‘The Assassin’ Edwards.

How long have you been following BAMMA for?

I actually remember the Bravo early days. TNA Impact was on Bravo at the time as well. I was impressed that the production value and branding was strong from the word go. Now I follow when I can being Stateside. I went to a live event in Birmingham as BAMMA's guest which was cool.

Have you ever considered taking up the sport ala CM Punk?

No. I did some pretty decent grappling and submission wrestling in my teens, as the pro wrestling school I trained at was bringing in shooters to toughen us up and make our stuff look believable. I went to a few events at Circus Tavern which was right down the street from the school. Honestly, I believe that the desire to fight and hurt someone is something you have or you don't and I don't. I can handle myself but I'm an entertainer. I'd happily spar and grapple but I wouldn't disrespect the sport by suggesting that I could compete in it.

How did you get into Pro Wrestling?

The Knight family (WWE's Paige's family) are based in Norwich which is about 45mins from where I grew up. I found out they were training guys so I signed up. They taught me the basics but because I had a decent look they were rushing me on to shows, and deep down I knew I needed more training which is why I started going to Dropkixx in Essex. Wade Barrett and Marty Scurll also came out of Dropkixx. It was a good environment, we pushed each other to learn new stuff and practiced hard.

When are we likely to see you at a BAMMA event?

When our schedules correlate! I come home at least 2 or 3 times a year and as you know we always seem to miss each other.

So what are you currently involved in work wise?

I've started working with the NWA under new owner Billy Corgan. We're presenting pro wreslting in a different way that I think if you give it a chance you will dig it. Check out "Ten Pounds of Gold" on YouTube. I also have a fitness book The Superstar Body, available at WH Smiths, Waterstones and other retailers or at

You can follow Nick on social media @RealNickAldis and his book THe Superstar Body is available from now.