Dominique Wooding - Preparing To Pounce Inn Dublin

Dominique Wooding - Preparing To Pounce Inn Dublin

Dominique ‘The Black Panther’ Wooding sits down for an EXCLUSIVE chat with ahead of his hotly anticipated bout against Blaine O’Driscoll, at BAMMA Dublin on November 10th at the 3Arena. We started off by asking the question everyone is asking currently, why the move to Bantamweight?

"125lbs was getting really hard for me to cut down to. I’ve been fighting at 125 since the beginning of my fighting career way before I turned pro and I was 16 back then, I’m 21 now and my body is changing as I’m still growing so it’s the right decision for me to move up."

What are your immediate goals and over the next 12 months?

"To hold one of the BAMMA titles. Plain and simple."

With the Bantamweight title currently vacant, who would you see as your ideal opponent if you fought for it?

"Shay Walsh as the number 1 guy in the division so it would obviously have to be him. However, I think he’s injured from his last fight so the division is wide open for me to come in and take the title."

Where did the Black Panther nickname come from?

"It came from an old team mate of mine."

Training at Team Titan who are your key partners?

"Training with top level guys such as Nathaniel Wood, Ashleigh Grimshaw, Brad Pickett, Nathan Greyson, Mike Ekundayo and Chris Miah. The list goes on and on with the guys down at Titan."

Any words for your opponent in Dublin, Blaine O'Driscoll?

"See you soon!"

Fighting in Blaine’s hometown of Dublin, how does it feel to enter the lion's den?

"I’ve been deep into enemy territory before, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I embrace it. Once we are in there it’s a neutral ground. Blaine’s supporters can’t fight for him in there. It’s just me and him and that’s that."

And with that we let Dominique get back to his intensive training regime.

BAMMA / Bellator Dublin takes place on Friday 10th November and tickets are on sale now from