Catching Up With The Champ - Mike “Sea Bass” Shipman

Catching Up With The Champ - Mike “Sea Bass” Shipman

At BAMMA London three new champions were crowned. The Middleweight title formerly held by Yannick ‘Black Mamba’ Bahati found a new owner in the shape of Mike ‘Sea Bass’ Shipman, after one of his pinpoint spinning back fists sent Bahati crashing to the canvas. Now the dust has settled, sits down with Shipman as he explains what being the new champion means to him.

Let's first take you back to BAMMA London and your title fight. At the point of impact when the referee raced in to stop the fight and you knew you had become the new champion, what was going through your mind?

Nothing really went through my head when Bahati went down, I just enjoyed seeing my coaches and team mates faces celebrating. It all felt pretty normal, it was only when I tried to go to sleep that night that it sunk in.

So now you’re the champion, fighters are going to be banging down your door to get the next shot. Do you have anyone in mind who you would like to face?

I would like to fight another well regarded, highly ranked opponent. Someone who has a good record and some momentum I can take for my own.

Have things changed for you much since winning the title on National TV?

Since winning the title I've had a lot of old friends reaching out to congratulate me which has been really nice, getting to hear from various people I've met at different points along the way has allowed me to reflect on my journey so far, and made me feel like Ive accomplished something.

But win or lose, the reality is life is much the same after, I get rewarded by a couple weeks celebration and have more options about what to do next with my career, but either way, the grass is still green, the sky is still blue and the people that count are still there, now I just have to have a little extra vigilance against complacency.

Finally the ‘Sea Bass’ had a few words for any would be challengers…

I've had my 2 weeks off, I’m back on the grind. Any of you fancy a shot at this title? The Sea Bass is ready and waiting. Doesn’t matter who you are you don’t have to go far to find me. Pick up the phone call Jude Samuel but don’t expect to come away with anything other than bruises.

The question now is just who will be next for Mike ‘Sea Bass’ Shipman. Stay tuned to over the coming weeks to find out.