BAMMA's Demolition Man - David Khalsa

BAMMA's Demolition Man - David Khalsa

David Khalsa was probably considered a stepping stone back at BAMMA 29 in Birmingham when he faced SBG standout and hot property Cian Cowley. Only someone hadn’t given Khalsa the script, because on fight day he stunned everyone in attendance as he submitted Cowley and put his name firmly on the radar. Following up with another victory over a highly touted prospect in the shape of Charlie Boy Howard at BAMMA London, Khalsa now moves on to his next opponent as he goes up against Dylan ‘The Nuke’ Tuke at BAMMA Dublin.

David, you’ve beaten arguably two of the hottest up and coming prospects in UK and Irish MMA, has that sunk in?

“Both opponents that I have faced have been well respected fighters with good solid fight pedigrees. I rise to a challenge and pleased that I have had chance to show my skills off against respected fighters and gyms”

So after your win at BAMMA London, whats next up for the Demolition Man?

“My next fight is Dylan “Nuke” Tuke on the BAMMA 32 card, very much looking forward to this! As for my 12 month plan, I want to show the division what I am capable, now at featherweight I feel my strongest and this suits me. I have my eye on the title before May next year”

Although you are not looking past Dylan Tuke, you now have a target on your back, how does that feel?

“As for any challenge/champion out there who wants to fight me, all I would say be prepared for a war, because this is what I have ready for you”

As we’ve mentioned you’re fighting Tuke at BAMMA Dublin on Nov 10th in the 3Arena, thats a huge deal, any final thoughts?

My up and coming fight with Dylan Tuke is yet again going to be another solid fight for me. He comes from the highly respected gym SBG Dublin, he is a favourite and also team mates with my first opponent Cian Cowley, and no doubt they will want revenge. Dylan let's hook them gloves up and give the crowd something worth watching”