Oli Thompson Vs. Gzim Selmani to headline BAMMA 15

Oli Thompson Vs. Gzim Selmani to headline BAMMA 15

March 4th, 2014 - Europe's flagship Mixed Martial Arts promotion, BAMMA, is proud to announce Oli Thompson vs Gzim Selmani as the Heavyweight headliner for BAMMA 15 at the Copper Box in London's Olympic Park on 5th April.

Oli Thompson originally made his name as a strongman, peaking in 2006 when he won the TWI Britain's Strongest Man contest and reached the finals of the IFSA World Championships, in which he came 8th. Thompson additionally notably attained 2nd and 3rd places in IFSA British Championship contests. The 34 year old debuted professionally in Mixed Martial Arts in 2009, and went on to become UCMMA's Heavyweight Champion in 2011, before competing in the UFC then KSW. Training out of 1st Generation in Sussex with a professional record of 12-5, Thompson has gone 3-1 since fighting in the UFC and has won his last two bouts via TKO in the first and second rounds. 50% of Thompson's wins have come via Submission and 42% via KO or TKO. Thompson weighs 248lbs at 6ft Gz1.

Gzim 'The Albanian Psycho' Selmani fights out of Golden Glory and Tatsujin Dojo in the Netherlands with a MMA record of 5-1* and a kickboxing record of 1-0, the victory scored via a flying knee KO. The Kosovo Albanian stands at 6ft 3 and weighs 263 pounds. He started training in Judo at the age of 5, then started kickboxing at the age of 12 before taking up MMA at the age of 15 with his older brother Egzon Selmani. Gzim debuted professionally in MMA at the age of 18.

BAMMA's matchmaker, Jude Samuel, said that Selmani is mainly considered a striker: "However at 19 years of age he has not yet had his patterns laid down which makes him unpredictable, dangerous and exciting to watch."

Indeed, 2 of his MMA victories have come via TKO and 3 via Submission. The 'Albanian Psycho' is also the Dutch Heavyweight Grappling Champion 2013 and the Rough Diamonds Kickboxing Champion 2013 in Germany. None of his fights to date have cleared the 2nd round.

Oli Thompson said:

"I have been looking to fight on BAMMA for a long time. The show always has a great look. I am bringing an intensity and athleticism that is not seen in many heavyweights, and I will put my body on the line to get the win at all costs. I want to become the first BAMMA Heavyweight champion"

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*Gzim Selmani - MMA Fight Record

1: Gzin Selmani def. Kaan Postaci
KO, 1st RND
July 8th 2012, Shaolin Ryu - Fight Club Den Haag 2012
Video: http://youtu.be/EItC4crmcLs

2: Gzim Selmani def. Jorrit Leemans
Armbar, 2nd RND, 2:32
13th October 2012, Shooto Holland
Video: http://youtu.be/XXgGNs4qrWI

3: Gzim Selmani def. Tolea Ciumac
TKO (Corner stoppage), 2ND RND
24th November 2012, Super Pro Romania: "KLASH - Road to Glory"
Video: http://youtu.be/ZpJywRz3Oyo

4: Ante Delija def. Gzim Selmani
TKO (punches), 1st RND, 3:09
24th May 2013, FFC - Final Fight Championship 5

5: Gzim Selmani vs. Mario Milosavljevic
Guilotine Choke, 1st RND, 0:35
9th November 2013, BFC - Bosnia Fight Championship 1
Video: http://youtu.be/PaRWKXIVYLw

6: Gzim Selmani def. Thomaz Simonic
Arm Triangle Choke, 1st ROUND, 1:54
13th December 2013, FFC - Final Fight Championship 10
Video: http://youtu.be/-Q3w-JeFPsE